Selasa, 14 Julai 2009


This is my first blog and I just want to share my experience in my first week in UiTM.
As everybody know,we will have orientation session for a new students and I am one of the new students here.I`m not sure am I same as all the new students or different with them because I`m in here because this is my `Degree`. Actually I`m very friendly and really to make people around me to laugh such like make a silly joke.

On my first day in Uitm,I have been place in Jati college where all new male students were place,and I had met my friends from matriculation who get same university and college with me.
This had make me become more excited to be here.During registeration session,I got another new friends who are my housemate,4 of them are from Kelantan and only 2 from KL.They are so sporting.During evening,we start our orientation session...the first thing that they(fasilitator) teach us to do is make an exercise...which are really stupid exercise that I had saw and I and my bestfriend(Aretoi) from Pahang Matricultion ignores all that foolers.

The second day was also same as my first day but today I become more close with my housemate...and luckily some of them have almost same attitude with me..I had invite them to join me and Aretoi to skip that orientation session and we made it.This is because we think all that actvities that they make for us are so childish and stupid,besides their ativities are also just waste our energy and time.So we decide to relax in our new house and et to know each other....and I am the `MASTERMIND` for all this.

On the next day was not to bored because we had sent to main University for new students registeration and we start view new `chicks` where are far...they are not too bad because they had make my eyes become cool hehehe.....during this orientation also I had make a very stupid dance.,.,but actually thats dance was not to bad and we had perform it to our prime minister `NAJIB TUN RAZAK` kot....hehe.,.but unfortunately...I had miss chance to shake hand with him..quiet sad...but I manage to escout him hehe...walking just beside him....not to bad right?

In this session I had skip so many activities..,.,until the second last day of this orientation week....I had encourage all my housemate to skip the program during night....I don`t know why I so brave during that night..maybe because I`m the mastermind of this activities..we had open all lights in our house then we had play the metal songs very loud....playing poker cards...ate junk food...and if you want to know just in front of my house is.....FASILITATOR house....we ignored when they knocked our door...till they kicked it..and when I open the door...they want to punch me....and I`m the one...but actually I know that they scared to do so....but deep inside my heart...I know I`m nervous hehehe...

come to the last day...they ask for forgiveness...and I skip the last programs again and wen to my own home in Shah Alam.,.,.peace;-P