Selasa, 18 Ogos 2009


Netomania is also known as Internet Addiction Disorder which means its refers to the problematic use of the internet, including the various aspects of its technologies. In addition, many people believe that spending most of the time on the internet is the main factor of the disorder. Internet Addiction has even been championed as an actual disorder, notably by psychologists Kimberly Young, PhD and David Greenfield, PhD. There are several cause and symptom of Internet Addiction. One of the cause of Internet Addiction are people with other mental disorders or symptoms depression as feelings of isolation, or stress may that some people use alcohol or drugs of abuse to self-medicate the symptoms of their mental disorder.

Internet addiction disorder are refers to the problematic use of the Internet, including the various aspects of its technology, such as e-mail and the World Wide Web. Unlike other addictions, the various aspects of Internet addiction could be further categorized into individual groups. While they all share the same medium, the Internet, each group has their unique and distinct characteristics. Like regular medicinal practice, it is vital to be able to diagnose the correct type of Internet addiction for effective treatment. Most illnesses show symptoms indicative of its existence and IAD is no exception either. Being able to recognize the various aspects of a person’s behavior is important in catching all the hints and notions of the presence of IAD. Spotting the symptoms early would help ameliorate the treatment process before the victim gets progressively more addicted. Increase of cybercaf├ęs and the propinquity of release of graphic intensive online games like Counter Strike has lead to innumerable teenagers getting hooked onto the Internet. Blogging and Youtube are also some of the temptations that many individuals find it difficult to resist. However, these are just the apparent reasons. There are a lot more than what meets the eye. The advent of the Internet had given a significant alleviation in the convenience of our lives, yet despite the versatility and usefulness of the Internet, if the Internet is exploited by the wrong people, the Net can be potentially as harmful as it is useful. Being wary of the possible damages one could incur due to IAD is essential. Not only does it discourage you, the readers, from falling prey to IAD, it also allows those equipped with the knowledge about the extensiveness of the problems created by IAD to warn others and spread word about the harms of IAD.

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