wan mart in memory

Jumaat, 8 April 2011

WANMART FOOD SDN BHD had started their business on 1989 as the retail store at first. The company on the early moment were selling the goods such as vegetables, food, milk, eggs and many more without any specific goods. The first manager was Mr.Ridwan b A. Karim,he just finished on MCE level of education on 1978, then he was the first person who started the operation of this company. At the beginning of his business, his company were selling the fertilizers before he get to be the official distributers for burgers RAMLY. He started the business by opening two shops, one in Shah Alam and another one in Kuala Lumpur, the shops that been handled by himself in Shah Alam worked well as he plan but the another shops which are in Kuala Lumpur had been closed because of too many problems occur in that company because that company had been handled by her brother. Then he focus only on shops in Shah Alam. At first of his sell, his first profit was RM14.80, but this amount of profit were not make him down but had conduct him to become more hardworking until reached the successful nowadays. At first, his company just have one rack for burgers bread and on frozen only but not the amount had increased. On that time, they do not have any competitors yet, unti the GIANT were opened in seksyen 18 Shah Alam, In order to maintain his company on the top level and to survive, he had make a change on his business strategy by changed his business strategy from being a store retailer into frozen. Nowadays, his company sells so many frozen food such as RAMLY`S product especially such as hotdogs, beef burgers, chicken burgers , fish burgers, bread and many more. His lovely wife Mdm Rohana Salleh had been the most close business partner in order to help him, she had stop from working as an finance officers and decide to help her husband in this business.


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